The Amir Doron law office

The Amir Doron law office, as it is currently fashioned, was founded in 1996, by lawyer Amir Doron.

Nowadays the firm consists of 6 lawyers and 14 administrative employes and secretaries.

The firm has its own building, located at 80 Herzel st. Beer-Sheva, occupying a 300 square meter territory, and containing 15 rooms; conference-rooms, waiting-rooms, a library and an archive.

Lawyer Doron Amir's goal is a law firm, that provides extensive services to Israeli clients, with an emphasis on professionalism and high quality service.

The lawyers employed at the firm are of the highest rank; In addition to their professionalism and mastery of the fields of their expertise, they have great service and communication skills.

The firm offers its clients a great variety of legal services in the field of civil-commercial law, and the majority of our clients are government companies, local authorities, public corporations, large syndications and banks.

In addition to drafting contracts and handling cases of damages and company laws, our firm has acquired vast expertise and experience in litigation in the aspects of commerce, debt collection, executions and receivership.

The firm is renowned throughout the country as a leader in all concerning collection, carrying out various types of debt collections in an efficient, dedicated and quick manner, to the extent of thousands of cases.

Our accomplishments in this field were proven over the years, and our confidence in our capability enables us to grant our clients most of the services of collection, based on previous success.

The flow of the collection money is achieved by an optimal combination of several elements perfected over the years: A legal department that consists of an experienced legal team- handling all the law associated aspects of debt collection procedures, including receivership, mortgage and pawn foreclosure and disproving the claims of the debtors; A proficient administrative body, that promotes the different procedures of executions of verdicts and bounced checks in the Execution offices; And an advanced and extensive technological foundation, which enables management of mass amounts of cases, in any part of the country.

The firm also emphasizes the significance of fair and gracious treatment towards the debtors. This approach originates not only from our deep awareness of the importance of human rights, but also from our intention to maintain the good reputation of our clients, and from the perspective that today's debtor might be tomorrow's clients.

The firm specializes in a variety of matters in the local and international civil-commercial law, as part of our mission to provide our clients with an inclusive, comprehansive, and necessity oriented service of high availability.

Our law office's superior goal is to provide its clients with the best service possible. Therefore the client's benefit is the central essence of all the efforts made; and he is surrounded by the greatest legal mined- giving him all the essential legal advice.

Immediately with receiving your plea, the lawyer of the relevant expertise is assigned to the case, and the entire office is committed to promoting the required procedures, with your full cooperation.

In the words of lawyer Doron Amir:

" The lawyer of the current era, is required to acquire professionalism and expertise of his area of specialization, while being able of extensive comprehension and of going into the smallest details of it.

I believe that the manner of gaining expertise in our office, assures our clients of the necessary professionalism in any area- on the one hand, and of efficient and courteous service- on the other."

We will be happy to be of service in any given matter.

Our adress is:
80 Herzel st. Beer-Sheva, zip code  :84220.
Telephone number (multilineal): 08-6289660.
Fax number: 08-6289618.
Email adress: